The Worst War

So many times I am reminded that the battle we fight every day is not a battle of the world but of the mind. A force much greater than any human war. We fight for control over us and Him. we fight for the ideals of a human heart. Which in my thoghts seems so ridiculous, and even more ridiculous is I fear a lot of things. God knows the “desires of of heart.” (Psalms 37:4) What if we really let it all go…

Let go of the hurt, pain, control? Do we fear the light or the dark? Do we fear really seeing ourselves and letting someone else be in control of it all. Do we fear the known or the unknown? If you take a step back from life, remove all that is before you and you will see that only thing that remains is God. That is the only truth, the only Light, the only thing to fear. Not knowing Him.

Please share you thoughts…


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