If you are like me you take antibiotics until you feel better and somehow totally forget to keep taking them past the ‘I feel better stage’ onto the totally healed stage. I know, I know this is really bad and makes the next infection worse than the one before. But how often do we seek out God when we are hurting and lost and then forget to keep seeking Him when we ‘feel better’.

I have noticed that through all my trials and stress, I am looking for Christ like He has the magic pill, and when I begin to feel better put Him on the bottom of my to-do list. When really we should be seeking Him in times of crisis and joy. Praising Him no matter the emotion that we dealing with. We should take Him in daily like a vitamin that sustains us. And drink of His words like “living Water”.

I have observed that when I daily reach out to Him, I am much more balanced and able to resist the whispers of temptation. I am healthy and ready for whatever He send to me. When I put God last on my list, I feel rundown and weary. But that’s the greatest gift of grace is that He is still there waiting for me get back into His lap and tell Him whats been going on. He is always there, no matter how far down on the list we put Him.


One thought on “Godbiotics

  1. Stacey, couldn’t agree more with you. I’m constantly having to learn that lesson the hard way, but every time I get better and better at realizing how amazing life is when the Lord is leading the way! Thanks for the reminder!

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