How do you like it…?

How do you like being served? How do you feel encouraged? What inspires your heart?


  • I love lunches with great conversation and friends
  • I love massages and spa dates
  • unexpected phone calls/text messages with uplifting notes
  • “hope your having a great day” on a Kleenex (or any other unconventional scrap paper) on my windshield
  • random visitors
  • hugs
  • great music that makes your heart sing out-loud

What can leaders around you do to get you, embrace you and make you feel needed and welcome?

Silent Readers here is your chance to speak up!


One thought on “How do you like it…?

  1. I love serving others, and sometimes that brings me more encouragement then being served!

    I love when someone cooks for me, being a college student sometimes that can be the best blessing!

    I would have to agree that massages are amazing!

    Chat Time. Someone just sitting down with me and asking about life!

    Kind words just out of the blue always stick with me.

    Most of all I love snuggling up with the ones I love and just watching a good movie or TV show and laughing together.

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