You Got Served!

On Swerve today LifeKids Cast Member Leader extraordinaire Toni Quinton raises a great point. One that I am guilty of. The world in which you and I live in is bombarded with expectation we place on those in which we spend our time and money. We expect that when we go into Starbucks to get our $5 coffee that they not only give it to us perfectly but with a smile and know our name. We expect that when we go to church that there are fresh donuts, coffee and someone there to hold our hand and walk us to our seat then as we leave give us free stuff.

As one of the experience captains for the LifeKids I know that I doubt my own leadership to my team of great people that are in the rooms every weekend being Jesus to parents, kids and those around us. I have not been much of a leader in the last month, I have been a consumer.

This ministry is too much, I have so much going on, I can’t be here and survive at home too, something has to give.

I want to give. I know that in the past when I have put my heart into serving, my life is so much smoother. My hours seem longer and somehow God creates a day in which I get everything done, with time left over for me. It just works.

So if you would pray for me as I pray for you. Lets stop thinking about serving ourselves and be apart of something bigger, something that God is already doing. Bring His family together. Stop expecting to be served and start being the hands and feet of Christ. Being served only lasts that moment, serving others with leave a legacy.

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