The Storm Brewith…

In yesterdays discussion of the Great Depression one of my classmates stated that political leaders are arguing poverty from a state of abundance, I argue that they can not come up with a workable solution because they are apart of the problem. We have the resources to stop hunger, give jobs and help those go from surviving to thriving. But when America spends roughly 2 billion a year on ice cream what are the odds that we actually will.

We live in abundance. We eat out most of our meals, go to coffee houses and consume multitudes of resources. We argue about prices at the pump but refuse to walk, we get mad if the cable goes out and we (GASP) can not watch Greys. When on the other side of the world children are taught how to survive the food shortages in times of “abundance” by learning to fast for weeks at a time, for the simple reason to be able to survive when “abundance” is null. When we are airing stories on the evening news about how pastors live in “abundance” while the rest of their congregation live in normalcy is crazy. When did we become consumed with abundance?

I admit I sit here writing this looking at programs that were waiting for me on my Tivo, and warm and very fed. So, I admit I am part of the problem. What am I going to do about, like you I will be disgusted for a hour or two pass this on to someone through email and by tomorrow morning forget about it. Go on living and enjoying the abundance of life and feel sorry for those who don’t have the luxury of it, pray for them and move on….

or will I?

Honestly is this you too?


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