go back go back go back…back to where you were! 

If you have children then you have most likely heard this song. It is from Blues Clues and they sing it when they have lost something.

I have lost the innocent way in which I perceive the world in which I surround myself. I have forgotten that I am blessed with the Gift of Too Much. I was walking back from the ever famous Caf tonight with the kiddos and remembered that they are soo awesome! I have been so stressed out with classes that I have been very short with them. Tonight in the dark and crisp air I saw the kids as kids. I saw that they are so wonderful and I had lost that loving feeling. I promised myself to take time to remember that they are kids. Kids who need and deserve a mother who is excited to be their mother.

So if you too have lost something, go back go back go back…go back to where you were!


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