Fear of Blogging

All you bloggers out there I ask how did you get over the fear of writing what is really on your mind/heart?

I mean my parents read this (I hope) and I wonder what they would think about what I am writing/thinking. So do you just throw caution to the wind and go for it or sutley ease into the truth or forget it and lie? What are your experiences with them all. I think a lot of things that I don’t write for fear of rejection, persecution and other -tions that shall remain nameless for fear of well, those. Do you do the same things? How did you  overcome?


2 thoughts on “Fear of Blogging

  1. Hmn. I think I overcame all that because only a remote few that are extremely close to me know about my blog, and I know that they care for me no matter what I write– funny, sad, angry, random. And even if everyone that knows me knew about my blog– this is life. We all have experiences, frustrations, happiness, etc. that is worth sharing. You never know how your feelings might help another person. Seriously.

  2. One word: anonymity.

    I tell very few people that I am blogging, even fewer the address of my blog, even fewer actually bother to read what I have written – they have their own lives to worry about. The few who actually do read the blog must really care for me, so why should I worry what they think?

    Actually I still do worry, but not as much as I would have done if I had my name all over my blog.

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