IT’s MONDAY & boys and girls that means…

Time for an update:)

God is doing some great things here at the home-front, the boys are settling in and I am trying to remain uncomfortable (comfort brings change) Craig talked this weekend about The Wonderful Counselor,how we can go to him with honest interpretation and still be comforted and loved, for free I might add. Which is good because we all need to talk sometimes.

I am going to start working out today and for the next however long it might take. I will post updates.

♥ Please tell me how I can pray for you and what is going on in your world…SHARE!! ♥


3 thoughts on “IT’s MONDAY & boys and girls that means…

  1. Well, you don’t know me from Adam… but, since you asked…

    I am going through a divorce and the holiday season kinda sucks right now…. If you wouldn’t mind, you could pray for God to be very real and present with me in this difficult time.



  2. Matty, thank you for your transparency. It is a honor to be praying for you!! And as life has it my brothers name is Adam, so maybe I know you a little.

  3. Thanks… it means a lot. Welcome to the spinning vortex of insanity that is Matty’s world! Hope you don’t get sea-sick!

    I look forward to continuing to read your blog and hope to find you commenting on mine!


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