Well its FINALS…(dunt, dunt, dunnnnn)

images-1.jpegSo I have not been writing for a while due to long hours (sleep is for slackers) and studying like its the end of the world. Which leads me to this argument…HOW TO WORRY (in 5 easy steps)

  1. make a List
  2. decide when to worry 
  3. decide what to worry about
  4. decide when to stop worry and when to start
  5. bring in friends who are happy and worry free (no one likes to be alone)

Does this not look like a to-do list. We make them everyday, and follow them sometimes to a tee. So in this time of finals and stress I say worry on my friends, worry on. what do you worry about? (exerted from todays chapel….in case anyone asked) 


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