I am Starving Jesus! Are You??

images.jpeg So the good ol’ guys from xxxchurch.com are on the road again doing what they do best…stirring up the comfortable. They are working with the creator of Starving Jesus and have filmed the doc and thier road time merriment for us to joyful watch and discuss. In addition to speaking and different church accross the US they also commited to do a 40 day fast. (wow, thats a long time) Only drinking water and juice. SO what?Here’s where I come in. I want to get out my pew and DO SOMETHING. I am working on preparing for a 40 day fast. I wont tell you when I doing it but I will tell you when it is over and what I learned and what I gained and what I GAVE! I plan on doing this to get closer to my God who right now is close to me but I am further than the moon from Him. I need to stirred…I am too comfortable.  Any of you who would want to do this with me you can watch the video and see if God brings you to do something, like fast. If you would like to do this with me let me know and we can share our experiences together. I know that in the end of this I will be closer and know more about myself and God I cant wait to share it with you.   


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