Let The Children Come to Him…

Gina McClain has posted a FABULOUS post about children and thier hearts for Jesus. I stand with her in the idea that Children can and do have the heart to live thier lives for Christ. IF we but allow them and give them the tools and support to do so. I you have not heard about Jesus Camp, it is a camp for children to experience and draw closer to God. I love this video of this young lady who has a big heart for Christ and shares him with a stranger at the bowling alley…that is awesome. What could we do if we really believed that Christ has given us all the power and support we need to do anything he calls us to. We can move mountains, build cities, create lives for those whom he calls us to.  What could we accomplish? What is your dream? What would you do if you really believed Christ would not let you fail?


2 thoughts on “Let The Children Come to Him…

  1. I am so bless to see a heart so pure who desire to love and worship God at tender age. I teach dance to little one from the age of three and up. i am always amaze to see the power of God moving in them.

  2. I am too. I just pray and hope that her love for God is contagious, that she keeps that throughout her life. What an awesome job, being apart of little dreams.

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