Looking for Community

Today I realized after trying to put my thoughts into human hand motions to write and taking my time as not to ensue false pretenses on my blogging friends. (they say not to blog when you are angry)  that I am lacking in community. True unadulterated community were open arms are met with a open heart and the embrace of individuals are comforted and supported.

I am not sure where this place is and I am not sure if I am going to find it, but I am going to leave behind the community in which my heart is dropped. I am going to keep moving and searching, serving those to which I come in contact with and embrace the God in which I love. I know the plans he has for me, plans to prosper and not harm. I know that he has given me a hunger for something more, something that is fulfilling and a hunger to be the community to which I so hunger for.

So if you are part of my blogging community, I embrace you. If you are not you are welcome here.

What would the community be like if we Loved as Christ loves us, embraced as we are embraced and lifted up as high as the heavens.  We are the body, we are His arms and feet. Fellowship, Community, Doing life together. What is holding you from this type of life?


One thought on “Looking for Community

  1. sweet thoughts! community is so important…relationships a necessity…and yet deep, true committed relationships are so scarce. Let it not be that way with those who love the Lord. We have to do things differently to have a different result!!!
    Keep looking, you’ll find it…or maybe you already have…open your eyes and your heart!

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