Junior Jet Setters

I remember when I was a kid parents would send there children on flights alone. The flight attendant would check on them periodically, they would get escorted on and off the flight and someone with a rather large sign would be waiting when they got off. I never flew this way, thought about it when trouble came around and I was the cause (well fine I will just run away). It was a simple less fearful way to think then. (circa 90’s)

I don’t hear or see that much. Parents letting their children fly alone, I mean teenagers maybe but not kids like when I was a kid. Why? Did we becoming a fearing world after some incidents, do we fear humanity, or in general are we more cautious??


4 thoughts on “Junior Jet Setters

  1. Your talking about our Parents doing this when we were kids…I mean most of our Parents were “living it up” in the 70’s..and I think some of the substances affected their judgements!

  2. I was one of those kids who flew alone back in the late 70s. My mom put me on a plane from ATL to Houston each summer so I could spend 6 weeks or so with my grands. I loved it – the wings and decks of cards, the gingerale and the attention. But I would never put my 6 year old on a plane by herself now. She’s not nearly as mature as I was at that age (I was a latch-key kid)’ we are more aware of the crazies that are out there and the world is just a much different/scarier place. I’m not sure when I’d let her do it, but soon we’ll be moving closer to family so it won’t be an issue.

  3. i flew like that
    i think 9/11 scared the crap out of parents today occsonally i see parents doing it today but its rare and
    i think its cause the parents today are letting fear run their lives and unfornatly our news media only runs negative stories
    what do you know
    so know people think the world scarry now than ever before when its not increased the only thing that increases our thinking is the media looks for negative stories to tell us and to scare the living crap out of us

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