Psst… are you one too?

my second secret:

I hate Christians. Yeah you heard what I said.

I have met so many that worship God with their heart but show that they are nowhere near knowing the love of Christ with the way they live their lives.

And here’s the bomb…


And, I hate that. I hate that in my heart the wings on which Christ lifts me up somehow fall short and forget how to fly the second I leave church. My finances, my attitude, my concerns and the place in which my treasure resides all changes. Yet, I mock those who do the same calling them weird and hypocritical when I am the true hypocrite.

These days of revelation come as I am searching my own heart for the path to which God calls me, the way in which I treat those around me and the shoes to which I aim to walk a mile in. Sometimes you just have to face the fact that you are the problem you are complaining about. Be the solution, Be Christ to those who do not know him and Love like its the only way to breathe.


3 thoughts on “Psst… are you one too?

  1. Good for you Stacey..although I can honestly say I’m not one! WOO HOO..I’m not religious in anyway..and you hit the reason I’m not right on the head..there is just too much hypocracy in religion for me ..I would say I’m just spiritual πŸ™‚ each his own! Are these secrets ranked from little to biggest..I hope so..I’m gonna keep checking in! πŸ™‚

  2. Yeah, Stacey, I know what yo mean. I remember a time when it looked like I might lose my job and I was worried. And then I realized that the Company wasn’t what sustained my life. God was. I learned that worry is to Satan what Faith is to God, the demonstration of our belief in his power in our lives. I didn’t lose my job but a friend of mine did. He was in a Bible study group I was in. He said he wasn’t worried about getting another job but when his exboss had fired him he had humiliated him so bad that my friend had such hatred in his heart for the man. One of the guys in the group said, ” but, Steve, in the light of eternity what your boss did doesn’t really matter”. At that instant Steve was delivered from his hatred. When the World has you down, Stacey, read those last 2 chapters in Revelation. This is where we’re going to be forever. And read Romans 8: 31-39 when you need encouragement. Mizpah31

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