Dreamz Unlimited

So if you did not know who Shahrukh was today may I introduce Shahrukh Khan, the biggest star in the world today. What does this have to do with my dreams you ask, well other than the obvious (he is so hot) I would love to write scripts, novels, anything that will get me involved in this industry other than acting (I’m not as dramatic as I once was) I do enjoy the drama that Bollywood puts out, they have a knack for romance and love and taking something that Hollywood over does and mocks into a beautiful colorful and simple thing that comes across as magic with songs and dancing. 

As I was speaking yesterday on validation, up until recently I wanted validation from anyone that this would be a great and wonderful creative outlet for my writing, that it would be cool to be apart of this industry and more so that they understood why I love it so much. But today, I just want to immerse myself in it. I would love it as well if I could share Christ with those through my writing. I would love to be controversial and different and welcome for being so. But if no one understands I will still move toward reaching it. For I know the dreams where put inside me by the one who created me, and that is all the validation I need. 

Tomorrow my dreams to be a ninja! (muhaaaa) 


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