Here are my Ninja-Like Skills

First the definition of a ninja as I am using it is some one behind the scenes that carefully measures every detail and may never be seen but always leaves something behind. What are you

Little known Facts about the ninja me:


  • I love to clean (yes I have even been given cleaning products as gifts)
  • I love to organize, it is fun!
  • Sometimes I let loose and don’t clean for days (gasp!)
  • I Iron my sheets and pillow cases
Facts about the Person me:
  • I dream BIG!
  • I start projects and abandon them when it doesn’t go my way, then pick them back up a month later and like fireworks, bang sparkle pow! They are magic!
  • I give up to easy
  • I have doubts in myself as a tool for Christ
  • I have doubts in myself in the areas of my dreams
  • I am way to interested in what people think
Things My Ninja Master is teaching me
  • Patience
  • Acceptance
  • That I don’t need someone to accompany me to the bathroom (not everyone has to go at the same time)
RESPOND AND TELL ME WHAT YOUR FIT IS…and what you are going to do with it!



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