World Traveler

My Father was gracious enough to take me and my children and my mother to the Circus today. I was amazed like a four year old and wowed like no other. The whole time in the midst of my amazement I could not stop thinking that it would be a cool thing to be apart of the circus. Travel, meet interesting people, enjoy life without boundaries. 

I am adamant about teaching my children that the world is a much bigger place than just home, that we are apart of something so much bigger and so much more wonderful than just us. The drive home today I told Tanner and Chandler that I wanted them to join the circus when they grow up for at least a  year, right before thier entrance into Harvard. Well, not really. But I want them to see the world, explore and find the wide open space before they settle down. So that when they meet their wife and start a family they can bring those experiences to their children. 

I wish I had done those things, I wish someone had told me that those things were possible. I love my parents and think they have done a great job at raising me. But, I never was told that the world is a big place, explore it. I was never encourage to ask questions or seek out or find out for myself. I think their fear of exploring was a hindrance to letting me know that you can travel the world and embrace other cultures and still be grounded in your beliefs. So GET OUT THERE!

(Thanks for sticking it out with me during my intense writers block.. im back!)

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