Is Sin Relational?

Sitting in class today discussing the idea that sin is not behaioral issue but a realtionsional issue. We know that sin separates us from our relationship with God, so when we lie to our spouse or our parent is it not the same? The separation is the same. It causes a break in the closeness to another person. 

I have not been writing for some time, not that inspiration as not striked but that my heart has not had the heart to write it down. So I welcome you back to this site and to my heart. 

Back to sinning. When you sin and you repent ask forgivness and move forward how are you mending the relstionship to which you broke. How do you spend time within yourself to mend that break within your own heart. Sin is crazy and it can creep up on you even before you know that you are doing it. 

We are created to be relational beings, seek out relationships and others. We meant to be doing life together. Going through pains and inflictions good times and bad. Sin is the opposite of purpose and intention. Are you being intentional about rejecting sin? 

I am curious?


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