christian campus = UnChristian

As some of you may know I am attending a Christian university which has its base in Churches of Christ. I was sceptical being that I am from a mormon-to-christian-to-Evangelical christian-to-Christ follower. Being that I am a heathen arms raised in worship and clapping in church-goer, I found it very difficult to connect with those whom I attended class with (plus they’re 5 years younger than I am and have no children, at least without being married.) Anyhoo, I took the approach that if i showed that entire class that my belief and understanding were correct, that they were missing something and therefore I had more Jesus than they did. 


I was wrong. This semester I let it go. Do I still have my “understandings,” well yes I do. But I also know that the relationship with those around me is more important than the way to which they serve. I have come to realize that we may disagree on the way in which we do things but the Jesus that breaths within me and them is the same Jesus that died for us all. And although it may be cliche, being a Christian on a Christian campus means being Christ to those I meet. Support the calling to which he whispered to me and embracing the fact that we all need relationships, the second we stop looking at the differences within our church walls we will see the similarity of the God that loves us all.


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