24 hours in a day

24 hours, everyday.

never enough though. 

school, home, mother, me. 

nothing short of someone else’s full. 

100 contacts, 70 followers, 200 friends. but, 


don’t wish for quiet she says, you may just get it. 

get it? 

when does the ship come in? is he ever coming home?

becomes harder to hold the world on that dollar store shelf with only tacks in the wall. 

fall, oh no no no. nothing here is made to fall, except well


why did you not prepare me for this, for this heavy heavy world to which this shelf holds

because my arms are to big to hold it.

all i want is some one to care about me about this shelf 

and, well,

sure the bank will give you the loan, but will they help you with the key?

nothing but 24 hours in this day.

passing a field where children play and wondering

will they ever have that or is it always a box with nothing in it.

sit down, come on, hurry up

so then they do and then they are the ones

holding the shelf with those little tacks.

my hand is raised, i need help i say

may hand is waving, question…

oh sorry we are out of time, tomorrow then?


One thought on “24 hours in a day

  1. Stace,

    I know how our own thoughts can be……… a soup bowl of questions and concerns. Yet, there aren’t enough hours in the day to sort it all out. Not enough hours in the day to accomplish what we must, not enough hours to accomplish what we need. The life process can be so overwhelming sometimes. Although, if you do your very best…..at the end of the day there is peace. Hang in there with your schooling. Education can be such a blessing (and a burden) Thinking of you.

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