Truth and Non Truth?

So I have this fear of losing my grip on, well I don’t even know what to call it… sanity, focus, grip, balance, center; you get it. I am so very inspired by this authentic, outrageous, real, honest, pastor of music and connection in Atlanta who I have never met and only read his thoughts and words through his blog and Twitter

I want to be authentic. I want to be honest. I want truth. Real. 

I am terrified to do so. Why? and how do I knit that net to fall into when I leap from the stand?


One thought on “Truth and Non Truth?

  1. Hi, I’m like you — trying to be real. It is not as easy as it sounds! Because we deceive ourselves so easily, I mean. But once one person pulls off the mask, it makes it easier for others to do so too. I think you might like my blogs and my daughter’s too. She is linked to my blog and her name is Sailor.

    Also, your “net” analogy goes with a song I added to a blogpost called Light in the Darkness.

    Keep seeking Him and you will find Him.


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