dont they know…

dont they know we are trying to save the earth?

dont they know that trash on the ground is gross?

dont they know that ‘Halo’ is scary and should not be played by kids?

dont they know that growing up is happening, fast?

dont they know killing people is bad?

dont they know that you have to look both ways?

dont they know that God loves them?

All these questions were asked by my kids tonight at dinner. ALL of them.

In Ethics today while discussing ‘sexuality’ (not just the hetero.homosexual debate but singel moms, single dads, sex with others inside a marraige that is sexuality my people) and what role Christians and the church has in the fight to embrace this topic, questions came up, the same ones; Just in different form.

The environment is fading, and those God placed into government is not taking action.

People are disrepectful.

People dont care.

Murder, rape, drugs, violence are all choices. Responsibility is as well.

Kids grow up to fast because kids are given the right to play ‘HALO” and ‘Grand Theft Auto’ while their parents argue and drink and work and pretend that its ok becuase hell, they play too.

Leaders are making it ok to kill, cheat, buy ‘Hummers’, have mistresses and all in the name of THE AMERICAN DREAM and the right to ‘pursue happiness’.

They serve in the ‘inner city’ and make belive that the white man understands what goes on behind closed doors. When really they have no idea how real life is for those kids in the inner city. Its not a game its not a movie. Its a dark, nightmare that never ever stops.

White men have big houses and expensive cars with white leather and GPS’s, that is status. When the neighbors come over for wine and cheese and discussion about the economy and the absence of that summer trip to the coast, that is their hardship. They interprete inner city gang wars as ridiculous, and ran by ignorant minorities that raise their taxes. They dont see the 3 yr old little boy that is not learning his letters or his numbers, but learning his colors, the ones his mommy wears and only wears because her boyfirend is a member of a certain gang. They dont see they 10 yr old boy who goes over hand signals with his dad because he will one day soon be called upon to prresent the ‘hood’ just like his dad did at his son’s age. The run or be run over, attitude, and the ones who get out are the outliers.

The white kids have bee-mers and lexus SUV’s, they have high school parties in the woods and pretend that the parents who fuel the liquer are being thier friends. Parents are protecting them from what they would do anyway, this way its “safe.” The white kids bring water bottles to school filled with vodka, take their parents pills and have mix parties, get high off the medicine cabinet and call it legal. Have rampid sex because Paris Hilton and the Kardasians do and they are beautiful and famous, then on sunday they go to church with their parents and  at lunch afterward bitch about the pregant black girl waiting on them that is a little slow because she’s pregant and has been up all night working her three jobs to pay for her kids.

The white kids make fun of the overwieght girl and tease her relentlessly to the point where she kills herself by not eating, and then when she loses the weight become her best friend. Big surprise, my kids are not that way you say, YOU’RE A FOOL.

I can almost gaurentee that your daughter has chatted online with older men, had sex, emailed naked pics of herself and given oral sex to at least one boy. You are kidding yourself if your think your child is innocent. They can’t be. They cant remove thenself from anything beause then they are the enemy, the goody-goody, the prude and the one who could jeopardize the whole thing if she were to step outside the ring of fire and get caught, she would ruin the rests fun. So she stays and burns up in the process, all the while making you believe she is perfect and would never partake in the poison; she is perfect, perfect at hiding, and you couldnt be happier.


When are you, me, them going to wake the **** up and do something, be something other than afraid of people and start being Christians. Go into that lions den and fire and let Christ embrace the danger and allow his love to be seen by those around us. I am not saying to put on your white armour and stand in the middle of Oakland preaching, but what about educationg your kids, knowing your kids, letting them know you are there and are keeping tabs on them. BE PARENTS, not their friend and stand in the way of them every getting into that hell, and show them how to help others who are drowning. Get to know some families, your neighbors, break bread with them, share a afternoon with them, bring them to look for jobs, show them what Christ has in mind for them. BE SOMETHING other than the problem.

One thought on “dont they know…

  1. Yep Stacy, I can see the concern in what you write here. I finally did the green acres thing and moved out to the country. I can’t escape it…just looking to control a little more of what was coming in my house.

    I hope our country wakes up. I pray that your strength endures for the long days ahead.

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