my writing has been in the past, well, somewhat scripted. scratch that, it has been scripted. scripted for parents, friends, facebook, kids, brother, twitter, strangers, the world. no more.

todays rant, ready? here we go.

thanksgiving, holidays, family, school, kids, life, laundry, dishes, music, christmas, shopping, baby daddy, clutter, cleaning, nap, sleepy, liking rap, weight, yoga, vacuuming, putting up clean clothes, kids, dinner, music, diet pepsi, #lilwayne, mentorship, community, church, God, lies, truth, strength, alone again for the holidays, graduation, finals, papers, money, bills, insurance, hipocracy, fake people, anger, frustration, lies, ahghhghhg, sales, coupons, showering today; all this is on my mind at any given time or more than likely it’s on my mind all at the same time. ARGHGHRHGH.

so just so you my faithful five followers, no longer will I hold back but instead let all this go into the soup of lyrical splendor that is my blog. welcome to my reality, don’t get lost.



Love me or hate me, I promise it wont break me.  – LW


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