fate and her front gate

i hate you. no really i do. its like the worst feeling trying to love you.

you claim, this love for me is true, well i got news for you boo… that aint true.

fussing and fighting is more common in this house than love and trust. something i say

i must.

never once did i step out on you, lie to you bring home pain to you. well maybe that one time…

but. no that was not a lie or mistrust that was me taking care of us.

no i know you lied and cheated, made plans then retreated, made us wait while you completed –

your plans.

2 kids, 11 years, uncountable tears and for what? nothing. nope nothing. I am left with the choice to stay,

oh, ya huh it is a choice to stay raise two boys into loving men. Men will not raise a hand like you did, raise a voice

like you do, stick when it is slippery and love when there is nothing but hate.

so fuck fate, i am walking out on that bitch, and closing that gate –

behind me. you are behind me.


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