Sleep has never been his strength

Chandler does not sleep. He has not been a good sleeper since birth. When he was an infant, he was nurse get to sleep I would lay him in his bed get to the door and he would wake up. This went on ALL night long. I would cry for hours each night while nursing him praying he would sleep. I spoke with doctors, specialists, God, friends; nothing helped. Even when medicated from surgury recovery he only slept for an hour then he was up and fine like nothing happened. This went on and one and still goes on to this day.

He fights sleep.

I tried melatonin when he was a baby – nothing. Sleeping tablets – nothing. Charts, rewards, gifts for weeks on good bedtime – nothing. Screaming, yelling, threats, grounding – nothing.


3mg of Melatonin and “I’m really tired mom, just one book tonight!!!”

Holy CRAP… do you know the dance I danced at 7:54pm when he went to sleep ON HIS OWN. No bargining, begging, pleading, crying (me not him) arguing, yelling, screaming (him not me), praying (well I did prayers of praise)! It was glorious! If it happens again tomorrow I will be thrilled.


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