30 Letters in 30 Days: day seven

day seven: ex-boyfriend

This should be rich….

Dear You-know-who-you-are…

Over the twelve to thirteen years I have known, loved and hated you; I had two boys you just laid there and shoewd up for the presentation, we have fought, I have loved, you have cheated, I have cried, you have left and I chased, I left and you chased, I never came back. I’m not sure what I learned other than never trust a man who can’t pay for dinner, or anything else really. Never sleep with a man who lies to you, for he will cheat on you, hit you, steal from you and leave you.

I learned that the only real thing I got out of us was the boys, they’re the best part of you and me.

I will each day live to teach our boys to love more, give more, stay more and be men of honor. You are forever my biggest mistake and most valuable life lesson. I love you for teaching me this, hate your for teaching me this and will forever be attached to the past with you.

The best we can do now is to love the boys better than we were loved.



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