30 Letters in 30 Days: day eight

day eight: interconnection

I’m not sure I have a favorite internet friend. I have connections, old high school friends I still converse with, old flames I dish with, Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. (Twitter and Pinterest being my favs, well Pinterest really!)

I love Twitter, some of those I follow wow me daily. Without playing favorites, I would say that Nivea, Carlos Whittaker, Kayki McSwain, Erin Lee Cortez; these people bring it everyday.

Nivea: She is dedicated to her gift. She sings from her soul, works from heart and is just fun! She seems like the kind of girl you could just be the best of friends with. Silly, real, but the boss of her own destiny. I connect with her as a mom trying to be more for herself and her kiddos. I would love to meet her just to hang out and laugh.

Carlos Whittaker: This guy brings it with every tweet, pic, post, #realtalk convo, and serve up grandiose doses of truth to my timeline daily. I’m not sure if he is a genius or he is just incredibly gifted. He inspires me to a more dedicated parent – to engage in authentic relationships with not only those around me, but with those closest to me. I know with every tweet I’m gonna learn something!

Kayki: I respect this girls’ grind! She works. She works with honor though. When she talks with people, she connects with them; not just to get the story, she creates a friendship and writes truth. I envy her quiet strength and the way she gets her information – straight from the source. She doesn’t bring people through the mud to make herself look good or to get readers. She just gets to know the person and justly shares their story.

Erin – This girl is so close with God that she shines His light like she can’t do anything but! I gain so much from her simple encouragement! Her strength makes me stronger and want to seek out God with a passion. You can tell just from her tweets that she and God are more than friends, they are truly one. I love everything she has to say, she never flounders or skips a beat, she seems to fear nothing and no one and she shares her opinions with grace. (plus she writes and sings)

These people bring me strength and encouragement, although I have never met any of them (it would be so fun!) I think highly of them and how they portray themselves. Thank you to each of you!

Pinterest: Thank you for giving so many ideas! The people I follow on Pinterest though, are pretty much my real friends – so thats awesome! Thanks again for inspiring me to make awesome and creative stuff!



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