30 Letters in 30 Days: day nine

day nine: someone I wish I could meet

There are many people I would like to meet. There are less I would like to meet and spend time with after meeting them. I think it’s one thing to meet someone and another to meet and want to spend time with them further.

Here’s the List. (in no particular order, other than the order in which I thought of them)

  • David Crowder  – I think he is a lyrical genius. His words and music connect me with God in such a way that I have yet to do with any other artist. He seems like he seriously is a hoot! I mean have you read his personal blog or notes or books or napkin blabble. (I have not found his napkin jargon, but I would love to!) He lives in the house that Dr. Pepper built – HELLO! Awesome! I would love to just chat about life, God, Texas, the Church, books, Light Brite,  anything really!
  • Bill Bryson  – He is a historical wonder. I love his books – I learn so much. Plus he has been everywhere and seen and viewed things I long to see. I want to just talk about the people, the research, the excitement that his books bring. He makes me want to learn. He makes me want to never stop reading.
  • Dwayne Michael Carter Jr.  (aka Lil Wayne) – I think he is misunderstood a lot. He is human in a big business world. I don’t anticipate him being a perfect role model but that not what his job is. He makes great music – smart, intelligent thought for the most part. I mean, yes he says a thousand lewd words and he calls out women. True. He also speaks well, is well read and tries new things – skateboarding for instance, just to do it. He lets nothing get in his way. I find his words real and inspiring.
  • Shahrukh Khan – Besides the fact that this man is absolutely divinely handsome, he is the supreme actor. He can make me cry and blush with his forehead kiss. He does not need to be sexy, he is sexy. He is love, romance, a man. Dear lord, he makes movies what movies are. He also has a strength in his acting, a force and makes his female supporting actress adore and fear him. I want to just hear him speak over a coffee. I would just sit and be in awe of him. His humbleness is striking and I have yet to find a American-mainstream actor that can surpass him.

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