do you validate?

we all want/need validation.

at work. school. church. from friends, family, etc.

for our job performance. that paper you spent 3 months writing. the new wallpaper your spent all day putting up – only to remember what a b***h it is to remove.

we all want/need validation.

it’s important though, who you seek validation from and for what. example…

asking your home-boy for a high-five after tagging the side of a train – not healthy.

asking your best friend for kudos after running for a block without passing out – healthy.

I do not crave validation. but i do crave authenticity – to which no one thing/person/relationship in my life fulfills. I really have learned to live without it, but lately, due to a very inauthentic person i am made to see the difference and want the real thing.

It, on some level, brings loneliness.


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