does he love?

something that has been on my mind lately, does any man really love?

does he think about her during the day and wish he could hold her or she would hold him? does he wonder what she is doing at 2:17p while in his finance meeting? does he miss her when she goes to the beach with her friends, the way she misses him when he goes to new york on business. does he crave her touch or ache to hear her voice? does he want nothing more than to spend sundays talking, wrapped  in the covers? does he think about holding her hand when driving to the movies? does he need to be touched and see her response to his touch? does he love this way?

i don’t think i have ever been loved this way; i think i have been accepted, liked, enjoyed… but never loved. i’m not sure if this kind of love exists outside of my own thoughts. i hope it does, for this is how i love.


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