i want him to …

1.  be taller than me

2.  make a good living (i dont need princess status, just not pauper either)

3.  bring home surprises – like diet coke from my favorite places, dessert, tickets to my favorite play, dinner (not stds, babies with other girls, bills, work, etc.)

4.  take on trips that he planned with all my favorite amenities and travel needs

5.  let me be the car dj

6.  play nerf gun warriors with me

7.  kill spiders

8.  change the high placed light bulbs

9.  do the dishes after i cook

10.  hang out with my boys and lead them as if they were your own

11.  watch Bollywood movies with me and not get jealous that i swoon over Shahrukh Khan

12.  hang out with me and talk and let me paint your toes (clear of course, well most of the time)

13.  let the pooches sleep with us

14.  be proud of me

15.  believe in me

16.  trust me


the previous one was purposefully left blank  – i will need to add/delete/change/alter this this at anytime.


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