i do not like Beethoven

i love classical music for many reasons. the most fluent being it can be the soundtrack to anything; love, sex, anger, thought. it evokes emotion like no other music genre. it gives power to vision and strength to movement. 

when i was young i played the flute, from the time i was 8 until i was 16 and then some in college. i never appreciated the music i played, i saw it as a boring gesture that must be made to the musical gods. something that was uncool and tedious. although, secretly in an omission that i will never own up to, i loved the way it got under my skin. the way it seemed to moved me when i was playing. the way it took on its own persona and made me move with its rhythm. 

now watching my son learn to play the piano, and enduring his constant questions as to why he has to learn this “boring crap that will never mean anything”, i am reminded that not only will he one day (i hope) find it moving, but also find that its moves those who hear his playing. 

side note: i do not like Beethoven. his music, beautiful. his airtime – overused. 



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