i’ve been in bed all damn day – but, its not the reason you think.

so i have spent all weekend primarily in bed. i wish i could say that i’ve been ill, or at least not well. i wish i could share a story filled with romanticized escapades involving the greatest lover, or some cheeky pillow talk and scandalous stories of  love. alas, none are the case. i have spent much of the weekend reading, researching designers portfolios and trying to assimilate into knowing what i am learning or least make a case for pretending i know what i am doing. i have been watching tutorials, scouring the internet for ideas, filling up pages in my look books/sketch books, listening to music that outside of this room would not be considered socially acceptable and staring out the window at times for long periods of seconds listening to the train and the tiny ice flakes hit my window. here in this room, in this bed, where it is mostly quiet i have been submerging myself into this world, this information that is more vast than oceans, and still i feel i have only scraped the tip of the iceberg.


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