plate of grass

when i was at #UCO i took a public speaking course – it was during the summer and a sophomore level course, so by no means was it intellectually challenging; it was often times quite funny. the professor, at first impression seemed like a ditzy, unorganized, soccer mom that was addicted to #Adderall and Starbucks; she was actually very well read, quite well spoken, and a seasoned speaker. 

our last assignment was a speech to last 3-5mins, with visual aides and media. i spoke about a photographer, it was awesome, i got an “A”. that is not the story. the story about a fellow classmate, you’ve had him in at least one or your classes – the slacker, uninterested, bored most of the time, always late, leaves at break – you know him (or her). being that he worked for a major golf course in the area as a groundsmen, he chose to speak on grass. yes, thats right ladies and gents – grass. he spoke for about 2.01mins about how the grass is watered daily, and mowed, how its hard to keep green; and just when we could not take anymore knowledge – he busts out a foam dixie plate with some picked grass on it. not from the golf course, but from the lawn outside of the building – we all knew this because it was brown, and dirty, and long. he got a mouthful from professor awesomepants, about how he could have done this, or that, or spoke more about said whatever. she gave him a “D” out loud. 

i tell you this story because i have mentioned it to my now high school aged son, in regards to his caliber of work. “no one wants to listen to you talk about a plate of grass…” or “this is the plate of grass, do something more creative!”

the preverbal plate of grass… do better.


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