did you know that Oklahoma is like an old mattress – well it is, and here’s why. you know when you have an old mattress, its familiar and could be described as comfy when you roll into it every night; but, getting out of the mattress crease is just uncomfortable and difficult and makes you feel a lot older than you really are. that, that dear reader is how i view Oklahoma. the crease in the mattress of this great and wondrous nation – that is full of secrets just waiting for discovery.

that being said i have tried to venture out to those new areas.

me and the youngest one ventured out to Arkansas to dig for diamonds and dip out toes into the Hot Springs. i must say that i do appreciate Arkansas’s beautiful trees, and forest. the drive is from the edge of Oklahoma is just beautiful.

  • multiple small town cemeteries (like six or seven for a pop of 1500)
  • homes for sale
  • no Starbucks in sight
  • very small homeless population
  • no apartments mostly homes
  • hotels and motels are mostly road-side inns owner-operated (ours were from Scotland and just as cute and kind as can be)
  • Arkansas smells better (i think Oklahoma smells like Braum’s stores)
  • I found it difficult to determine how i felt about the numerous farms along the way into Hot Springs – they have small (12×12) signs posted on wooden sticks, at the drive entrance saying things like “Tyson Super Farmer” and ones for Perdue as well. you could see the large enclosures from the road – you know the ones they show in documentaries about animal care in farming. the farms are littered with animal pens, then the home on is a tiny trailer. these are in small towns, pop ~1500 no grocery store, one gas station… i do not buy Tyson or Perdue meats or their companies products due to their treatments of their farmers. its one thing to see it on a film, but to see the real farms is another. my mothers parents farmed,on a small scale and from the stories i am told, it was such a revered thing to be able to farm, respected and appreciated. it does not seem that way any more.
  • i was smitten with this little town and Arkansas in general – we will be back.

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