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The paper is done and I promise never to write about again…or do I?

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I know I was going to follow up on the last post today, BUT…

I must comment on the David Crowder Band concert that I attended tonight.


It was the most awesome time of worship I have ever had the blessing to be a part of. In Tulsa, OK at Cain’s Ballroom, a small historic building. The music sunk into my heart, the bass shook my soul and the time spent with arms raised and voices lifted to Christ was the most wonderful experience I can not even begin to describe with Justice it is due. 300+ people one their feet praising, to music that lighted the fire and passion for the voice to sing out love and hands to reach out for God.

If you have not heard Myriad and Phil Wickham I highly recommend checking them out as they were a part of the magic last night!

If you were there or have been to another of his events please share your thoughts!

Let the Make-Over Begin…

So Anne Jackson inspired me to start running. I have been thinking about it for some time, meaning I have been make believing that I am actually running in thought and therefore running in person. So I think I will actually get going. I am making over my actions. Becoming the new life that Christ created me to be. He has some GREAT HUGE PLANS for me and I need to ready for them. So here we go…

The Worst War

So many times I am reminded that the battle we fight every day is not a battle of the world but of the mind. A force much greater than any human war. We fight for control over us and Him. we fight for the ideals of a human heart. Which in my thoghts seems so ridiculous, and even more ridiculous is I fear a lot of things. God knows the “desires of of heart.” (Psalms 37:4) What if we really let it all go…

Let go of the hurt, pain, control? Do we fear the light or the dark? Do we fear really seeing ourselves and letting someone else be in control of it all. Do we fear the known or the unknown? If you take a step back from life, remove all that is before you and you will see that only thing that remains is God. That is the only truth, the only Light, the only thing to fear. Not knowing Him.

Please share you thoughts…

A Letter to the Past

My Darling Past,

I am writing to tell you that I can no longer think of you in this way and my dear future is getting jealous. I know, I know this is hard, we had some good times you and me, but things are different now. I’m different now. I would love to embrace you and allow you to once again sweep off my feet, but then I would not have a leg to stand on. I do love you and promise that every once in a while when the rain is falling and the house is quiet I will lovingly think back to what we had, and shed a tear for the life left behind. But daily I am reminded what I have now, the peace and reassurance that I am moving forward, into the plan set before me, and you can not be allowed to alter that path. It’s not you, it’s me. Thanks for the memories, I will always cherish them and you. Goodbye.



Just Breathe

How many times in grade school did we challenge each other to the holding of breathe trick only to amaze those foolish enough to believe that we could hold our breath for prolonged minutes by filling our mouths with air and breathing through our nose. I know so many people who are holding their breathe but do not know the trick and are suffocating. Longing to win the challenge for fear of letting go first. If we continually hold our breath and chose to not let go of what we are holding onto eventually we will all suffocate, nobody wins. But who says winning is all that great. Sometimes winning is losing.

The Midnight Firecracker

I know that you have at least once in your life been fast asleep dreaming of sugar plums or at least caramel mocachocas and woken to that brisk feeling that you left something undone. That bill, the car unlocked, your cell phone in the car, the unflushed toilet or the dreaded $20 dollars that somehow escaped you. But how often do you wake up to remember the lost friend, or the girl who sits all by herself in class and no one ever talks to her, the little boy next door that is never seen with a dad. My point (I do have one) is that take some time to think, pray, visit with those who seem invisable. You may help yourself more than them.

Who are giving invisable powers to?

Word to the Brother

I spoke with my brother today whom I miss ferociously since he and his wife moved to the Dallas. We are going though something similar, being lost and having to be reminded that when you take away everything and think that you are nothing but alone you see the Light in the darkness and are reminded that God is the only thing that matters. In the unfamiliar and uncomfortable God can chisel you into a beautiful masterpiece, His masterpiece. I am so thankful for the blessing of being alone. I am learning more than I ever could relying on someone else to build me up (which is something I have done the past) I am letting God build me up and He is showing me things I have never experienced before. Like Motherhood, friendship and love.

I think that God is molding something fancy. What is God molding you into?

From The Bottom Up

One mans quest to clean up rivers in the US has struck my attention. Chad Pregracke has been cleaning up rivers since he was a little boy. Now he runs Living Lands and Watersa non-profit org. that rallies volunteers to help clean up the banks of large rivers in the NE areas. I thought about this awesome thing that one man is called to do. Pretty simple when you removed all the sparkle, one man finding people to help him clean, “one tire at a time.” Read his story here http://www.fromthebottomup.org/

I find this interesting because we are all built for something, built to honor God with what we already like to do. What are you built for, what do you love to do that could honor God. THINK SIMPLE…

Share with us (it might just help you brainstorm)


I’m sure that at least once in your life fear has kept you from doing something you were asked, or thought you could or should do. Fear of what exactly? I was asked to do something today of dire importance and I chickened out. I just though that would be cool and very awesome but I choked. The second the moment passed I regretted it. It was not something major or life-threatening, just something a great friend asked of me, and I feared the aftermath.

It does not matter the aftermath, because well its past. I know you are all thinking to yourself, fear is a good thing it keeps you from hurting yourself or others or getting into a situation that would be bad. I know that. But is that fear or just instinct. Is fear different from instinct? If so what is the difference? Where do you draw the line? Comments…