Dirty Donuts

So I took some time off and well I’m back!

That being said I wanted to comment on the fact that in the last couple of days I have noticed that those working in customer service have taken a drastic turn towards being postal. Here’s why:

I went into a local donut shop who I will remain respectful to myself and not blast them on the net, anyway, to get a couple of donuts for breakfast. I pulled to the drive-thru window and the nice young women said hello and as I spouted off my order she proceeded to blow her nose into a napkin and as I curiously thought surely she is going to wash her hands… NOPE! Walked right over to the counter grabbed a wax paper and grabbed my order. Ummm, seriously! I was shocked. So like a moron I paid for my dirty donuts, thought for a second and then called her boss, this is the best part; after telling her what a happened she asked “what do you want me to do?” I told her that i just wanted her to be aware of the incident. She never said sorry, only said that I could bring them in for a refund. Really? That’s it? I was very upset and well, hungry I could not eat them of course. ¬†Was I out of line to think this way? Was I harsh? Your thoughts!!