you teach me

spending the weekend with my little (well, younger brother he towers over me) i am reminded that he has taught me more about love and life than any other person i know. he is the most caring, generous and loving man – not just to those who show love to him, but also those whose love he will never see in return. he gives without expecting, shares his heart with strangers and is quick to lend a hand to anyone in need. he has been broken and hurt by compassion too many times yet he stands up to help those who’ve pushed him down every time.he has shown me the heart of Christ and challenged me to live closer to Him. he has asked me to seek to forgive those who depleted my soul, when i only could speak words against them.

he is my bestest friend. my Superman.



30 Letters in 30 Days: day four

day four: letter to my brother


I can not believe that you and I are all grown up. I still think of you as that little weirdo that dressed in spandex daily and had to have a sword of some nature tucked in a belt on the spandex (see photo) so you could fight the dangers and crime of  the world. It seems like you were always saving someone or something as a Ninja Turtle,Superman

this was more than a costume - he wore this daily. For years.

, Batman or just Ninja Adam. Your sweet innocence that allowed you to drop a small rock onto Jeff Prince’s nose while he laid on the ground and you stood above him because, well, he asked you to; still perseveres today, although to your credit I think you would choose wiser today given the same option. I love that innocence about you. I think is it super fantastic that you never let your friends crap about your addictions to being Michael Jackson when you were 7, or your love for tigers when you were 10 (complete with wall paper and posters) get to you; you rocked the glove and tees.

I love that when your friends where hurting or have struggles you hurt with them, you did and still do whatever to cheer them up. You are a great friend. I love your gullibility, not because its funny (although it is hilarious at times) but that you trust without fear, it has gotten your heart-broken but you still choose to trust first. You haven always been the Peace Maker, something I have never been. I admire that you can consistently do this, with everyone; family, strangers, friends, sworn enemies.

I love that you can go halfway around the globe and run into someone you know. It’s the “everywhere he goes” theory. I love that you can walk into a Target and make friends with the cashier while talking about flavors of gum. I adore that you still have Nerf gun fights and think playing is more fun than watching “the game”. No matter what you are doing you are dedicated. Whether it’s a bad idea or a good idea, you go all in. You never stop trying to get to the next step.

just became an Uncle

There are so many things I love about being your sister, but the most coolest thing about saying your my brother is getting to see you grow into a man and take on the world with love, faith and grace. As your older sister I lived to make your life my humor, as your friend I long to see to succeed and live to know you as my younger brother who surpassed my expectations.

I may not always like the way you maneuver the world. I think you work too much sometimes, well a lot actually ( I have to mention something about the clock) I think you could slow down on the crazy diets and work out routines, I definitely think you could visit more – I get a little cranky about these subjects I know, but I am trying to understand the course to your chaos. I say that to say this – Life moves faster than any thought or action, please slow down to enjoy what is really in front of you instead of what is being portrayed in the distance.

I love you Adam. I will always.

– Me