there is a level of excitement that comes when you feel the earth moving, finally moving after being still for what seems to be eons. when you know that something is happening, a silver feeling inside that seems to break the bearer, like on a perfect creme brule. my earth is moving. my life is starting. i can say that i have no idea where i am going, what is going to happen when i get there or how it is all going to work out, but thats the beauty in movement – you never know where the motion will take you, you just move and go with it. enjoying the secrecy in the next step.


New Year’s Day:  Now is the accepted time to make your regular annual good resolutions.  Next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual.
~Mark Twain

I don’t believe in resolutions – they’re stupid. Really, really stupid!
I do believe that a new year is a new opportunity to start brand new, forget about the dumb things you did last year (like paying for that new car with a credit card, or 12 cards) and choose to embrace new things, new foods, new people, new outfits, new jobs, new… Everything.

So here is the NEW I hope to be…


Research ways to get paid by just being the creative person God created in me.
Plan the trip to Europe with Betsy & Amy (Paris, UK, Ireland, Prague)
Reconnect with some people
Broaden my social circle
Spend more time with the boys, not arguing or yelling or nagging
Do yoga twice a day 4 days a week (seriously)
Begin music lessons with the boys
Replace 2 daily Diet Cokes with Waters
Daily devotional with the boys
Learn something new (recipe, craft, anything…)

Stay with me – I’ll post updates!

**PS: Share what your going through, changing, finding this January 2011



    • change is scary
    • change is new
    • change changes things

    why and what is about change that we fear? Why do we put it off so much even when we are miserable in the position we are in telling ourselves that we need a change but procrastinate the new way?

    What are you telling yourself you need to change and what are the lies that are surrounding it that are keeping you from doing it. BE HONEST, you will feel better.