catching up with Danielle and her medical writing genius i linked to Carmen’s Story which not only brought tears rushing to my eyes but it reminded me that in the things that i do everyday, my “normal” is very normal. I have two very healthy children, my health and the ability to know that they will be here on earth normal for as long as normal is.

I was inspired by the mother of this little girl and her older sister who not only loved Carmen dearly but loved that she would be in Heaven “running” and “free”.

Please take 10 mins. (or more its worth it, trust me!)  to read about Carmen. Her healing was not in this world but to heal the hearts of those here and bring them closer to God. Amazing story!

“How Great Thou Art”


Let The Children Come to Him…

Gina McClain has posted a FABULOUS post about children and thier hearts for Jesus. I stand with her in the idea that Children can and do have the heart to live thier lives for Christ. IF we but allow them and give them the tools and support to do so. I you have not heard about Jesus Camp, it is a camp for children to experience and draw closer to God. I love this video of this young lady who has a big heart for Christ and shares him with a stranger at the bowling alley…that is awesome. What could we do if we really believed that Christ has given us all the power and support we need to do anything he calls us to. We can move mountains, build cities, create lives for those whom he calls us to.  What could we accomplish? What is your dream? What would you do if you really believed Christ would not let you fail?

True Glory (3/5)

images-1.jpegTrue glory comes from the worship of the one who sent came before us. I love listening to my children as they pray, when we are in the car and ware talking about the day and they tell me that when somehting happened that they prayed about it and God “fixed it”, when they pray for a friend who got a “boo boo”. That is Glory… The other glroy I love is when I am worshipping in song, not in church although I love that too but when I am alone walking or driving with the iPod tunes as loud as they can be and no one around me understnad the crazy driver/walker with her hands in the air singing to herself. images-2.jpeg The last is when I am on my knees praying…THAT IS GLORIOUS!!