Everything She has

8:34am Wake up to the boys watching tv and arguing about LEGOs or iPhone time, go downstairs to make breakfast let the dog out and feed the cat.

9:12am Hit the showers, primp & curl, get the boys dressed in something other than a pj shirt camo shorts and slippers, let the dog out.

10:02am Coffee time (not starbucks) need to load up on the java to get through playtime and lunch.

10:47am Let the dog out, bring out the LEGOs, the cars, the tracks to race the cars, the crayons, the markers, the construction paper – bring on the creative play.

11:54am “What do you want for lunch kiddos”

12:09pm The most perfect homemade mac-n-cheese hits the table with fresh melon medley and ice water, let the dog out.

12:39pm Lunch over, “clean up clean up everybody everywhere…”

1:07pm Run errands, movie, outside, computer games, Wii, draw, friends…. something.

4:47pm “Mom, Whats for dinner?” Hmmm to cook or not cook? Take-out? Nope, save money. Grilled chicken with fresh organic seasoned green beans and homemade mash potatoes.

5:51pm Great conversation about school and friends, funny stories and laughing, I love the dinner table.

5:59pm “Clean up…” you know the drill. Oh, yeah let the dog out.

6:11pm Rainbow Serbert (organic of course) maybe some tv

7:30pm Bath, books and bedtime. We love to read Where The Wild Things Are by Maurice SendakĀ & A Bad Case of theĀ Stripes by David Shannon

8:30pm Squenches and sleep.

9:01pm Me time, reading, bath, tv, awwwww. Let the dog out. Reflect on how very blessed I am. How much I love my babies. How much God gives me, takes care of every single need.