Shh, Shh Secret Secret

Lets face it we all have secrets some hidden deeper than others.  In the next couple of days I am going to delve into the secrets I keep, mainly me. So put your suits on we are jumping right on in. 

  •  I am a compulsive eater, an over eater and a emotional eater. 
I have come to terms in admitting that I am a Food Addict,

HI, my name is Stacey I am addicted to food! I want to be clean 

I am talking about this so that other addicts can come forward and share what they are addicted to ’cause everyone is addicted to something, no really you are too. Here are some addictions you may not see:

  •  TiVo (I love mine too)
  • St. Arbucks (as Loswhit calls it)
  • That talking box (or plasma, for you big ballers out there)
  • CNN, MSNBC, and tickers
  • Work
  • Cars
  • Money
There are so many things that replace the Love the God can gives us and if we ALLOW them to take over our lives. I have allowed Food to take over. 
No more. No gimmicks. Just me God and a pray and that my amigos is more than enough.
SHARE what you are going through, your secret, your heart and your need. You are welcome here.