Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda??

A person who is my life’s frustration needed help with his tires yesterday, I did nothing. I justified it

as he is a big issue and frustration and pain in the @##, he has brought pain to me and my kids and I just chalked it up to he doesn’t deserve my help, I have helped him enough and only been burned.

Then as I was driving home last night a woman had called into a certain Christian radio station and mentioned that if you have the means and do not help how much will your Father help you.

We can not pick and choose who we assist, we should be lead by the spirit and allow him to guide our heart when it comes to giving. I chose not to help him because I saw him as unfit and unworthy…but aren’t I the same in God’s eyes – unfit and unworthy but loved and given love and good blessings anyway.



blessing are like warm fuzzies

I remember when I was in middle school we had a motivational speaker come and discuss with us the importance of being kind to others; he would call nice conversation and kindness “warm fuzzies” and harsh words and bad feelings “cold pricklies”. Well we all had fun at that mans expense for months mocking his verbage.

Tonight I was in the kitchen and thinking about how over the last month my spending was not where God would have wanted it to be and therefore He removed some of the blessings I had been given. Because I was not blessing those in need or those He wanted me to bless he removed the responsibility. I firmly believe that God will bless you to be a blessing. So anyway, in the kitchen tonight I could feel that changing. I have been keeping much better track of my spending and not spending it unwisely. I am giving like there is no tomorrow and I can feel the “warm fuzzies” of God’s blessing coming back into my life. I can feel the responsibility coming back. And I must say it feels good to be trusted again. I am curious, have you felt the warmth of God’s blessings? How are you being responsible with His gifts?

A DUH! (but we all need to hear it sometimes)

Carlos Whittaker wrote this on WOW did I need to hear this one…

At the end of the day Carlos, you have 24 hours.
Quit giving time to problems that YOU can’t fix anyways and give that time back to what God has called you to do.

I spent the majority of my day yesterday consumed with a problem I have no control over.
Don’t you hate it when that happens?
Then this morning when I stopped wasting GOD’S time on MY issues I had a 45 minute conversation with a new friend on the phone who is SO CLOSE to seeing God’s truth revealed to them that they even let me pray for them.
It may not sound like much, but the fact that they said “Amen” after I got done is earth shattering.

Lord forgive me for my selfishness. Help me gaze at YOU

What are you GIVING up which is time that you SHOULD be workin’ that calling!!
(p.s I should be in class right now!)