Prayer Works, Duh!

I have been praying and praying for a opportunity to meet other Christ Followers here at campus and today God showed up in the form of a classmate at the mailbox. She invited me to her lifegroup and actually is on my team on the Saturday experience at HOW COOL is that! Thank you Jesus…more Glory to you!

True Glory (3/5)

images-1.jpegTrue glory comes from the worship of the one who sent came before us. I love listening to my children as they pray, when we are in the car and ware talking about the day and they tell me that when somehting happened that they prayed about it and God “fixed it”, when they pray for a friend who got a “boo boo”. That is Glory… The other glroy I love is when I am worshipping in song, not in church although I love that too but when I am alone walking or driving with the iPod tunes as loud as they can be and no one around me understnad the crazy driver/walker with her hands in the air singing to herself. images-2.jpeg The last is when I am on my knees praying…THAT IS GLORIOUS!! 

On the way to GLORY! (2/5)

FEAR is…

  • what you let it be

  • what turns you into something you are not

  • what takes you from God and hides you from yourself

  • can be a way to protect you

  • something that i fear

  • What do you fear that is keeping you from glory???

A Look Back

Today I caught up with some people from high school and realized that I was a little behind. I am not married, just finishing up my undergrad and trying to be a mom in between life and lit papers. I started to feel a huge sense of defeat, I wanted to cry and I thought wow, what will I say at the reunion next year…should I even bother to go?

Then I heard God say to me, “do not even go there my dear. You have found me in all these years since high school, brought others to me, shared with those who did not want to hear about me and most of all you are bringing up your children in my ways” then I still felt defeated but loved as well. And then  God spoke again saying “I know the plans I have for you, plan to prosper you and give you a future. Seek first my Kingdom and I will give you the desires of your heart.” then I felt warm and remembered that no matter how far away I feel whether I feel Him under my skin or feel like the moon is closer to me than He is, I know that He lives within me and that He is my breath and heartbeat.

I don’t know any more about theology than a jack rabbit does about ping-pong, but I am on the way to glory –Billy Sunday