30 Letters in 30 Days: day eleven

day eleven: a deceased person you wish you could talk to

I had to think about this one… that’s why it is late.

I have not yet lost anyone I am truly close to. (blessed)

I would like to talk to my Grandfather Jack. My mom’s dad. He died whilst I was still cooking. I have heard stories, tales, scandals and talk of how he was and what he did. I know he was a Navy man and met my grandmother at a USO dance in San Francisco… (seriously so romantic) I know he was strict but loving – My mom still calls him daddy. He called her Janet Lee, she looks a lot like him and so does my brother. When he died my grandmother never remarried and to this day she is still wearing her ring – she says she never thought of loving another man, she could not give her heart away because “it will always belong to Jack!”

I wonder what he would think of how my mom ended up, how her life is and what he would tell her now. I wonder what he would think of me and my boys, Chandler is named after him. (Chandler Jackson) I wonder what he would have to tell, what he would be doing and how my grandmothers life would have been different. I would really enjoy getting to know him!

"To my darling with all my heart! Love, Jack"

Jack Williams