Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda??

A person who is my life’s frustration needed help with his tires yesterday, I did nothing. I justified it

as he is a big issue and frustration and pain in the @##, he has brought pain to me and my kids and I just chalked it up to he doesn’t deserve my help, I have helped him enough and only been burned.

Then as I was driving home last night a woman had called into a certain Christian radio station and mentioned that if you have the means and do not help how much will your Father help you.

We can not pick and choose who we assist, we should be lead by the spirit and allow him to guide our heart when it comes to giving. I chose not to help him because I saw him as unfit and unworthy…but aren’t I the same in God’s eyes – unfit and unworthy but loved and given love and good blessings anyway.