That’s Profound

Bick says,

In Les Parrot’s book 3 Seconds he makes this observation: “The primary, or conscious, gain that we receive from busyness is often productivity. We feel productive because we look productive. But just under the surface, we may be pursuing busyness because it alleviates some anxiety. Being too busy might even provide the excuse we need for not doing something we fear failing at. Because being busy gives us license to arrive late, slip out early, or be absent altogether, we can rationalize that we don’t have time to do what would help us realize our dream.

I agree.

What are you to busy for…or what are you hiding from?


On the way to GLORY! (2/5)

FEAR is…

  • what you let it be

  • what turns you into something you are not

  • what takes you from God and hides you from yourself

  • can be a way to protect you

  • something that i fear

  • What do you fear that is keeping you from glory???