for those who do not know, i am currently living in chicago – learning passion, art, design, life, community and general awesomeness at The Starter League. i am so excited to be apart of this great community of thinkers, idea makers and creators. i hope to find a way to make all the chaos and creative thoughts i have going on every second of the day assimilate into some kind of organized process. i have met some if the people that will be sharing this journey with me and so far i am feeling a little behind. but, i am dedicated to catching up.

the next months will be filled with the journey i am on. the good. the bad. the ugly. the really frustrating. super fantastic journey.

so far i have learned:

i do not need a car in chicago – i sold Peggy (my car)

i love the train/subway/EL much better than the bus

i do not like the red line

i love my apartment is right across from school – i can literally see the classroom

i can not imagine not hearing the sound of the train pass by now – it has become so soothing

i can have anything delivered

i love having a doorman

i am a little afraid of being by myself and without someone to bounce ideas/validate my thoughts

i miss my pooches

i miss my kids

I do not miss Oklahoma.

i feel at home here

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