Happy Birthday my Channy!

7 Years ago today Chandler Jackson Root came into the world kicking and screaming and fighting it the whole way, but from the second they placed him on my chest I was addicted. Even through the nightmare that was colic and sleep issues (he woke up every 20 mins every night since birth until age 2) that aside, he is the most creatively wonderful, fabulously kind, with a passion for Christ and God that is unmatchable.

Things I love about Chandler:

1.  He is so creative. I love the way art calms him. He always draws a little   coif on his characters.

2.   He dances and sings with ease and whimsy and most importantly…       without a care of those around him.

3.  He has a heart for his friends. Those who are hurting and sad. He tries   so hard to love those around him. I love when he says “I love you too” or       come and sits on my lap and says “I just wanted a hug.” He has always         been my snuggle butt.

4. He has fashion sense. He loves to be stylish, he tells me all the time that looking good is important. All though he does loves to wear underarmour and skinny jeans with dinosaur teeth necklaces… I love that!

5.  He wants to be just like his older brother.

6. He saved me.

7.  He will leave water classes all over the house, half drank and thinks that only new water is good.  – I love this quirk.

8. I look forward to this year on our way to 8.

Chandler Facts:

* He is allergic to peanuts, treenuts, eggs, red yellow and orange food dyes.

* He loves music.

* He loves fossils, archeology, sharks, anything ocean, and road trips.

*  His favorite book is A Bad Case of  Stripes by David Shannon

* When is has a meltdown from hypoglycemia we call it the Schmedricks.

* He set a goal to read the whole Bible this year. On his own. Priceless.

I am so thankful for this kid. I love everything about being his mom. Thank you God for blessing me with this wonderfully amazing and challenging Chandler. I can’t wait to see what his life brings.

VIRUS FOUND: Evil Debvill Germ

So I have been sick and I have not the

energy to cook, or bake…. my family has rebelled.

I truly now loathe fast-food, nonfood and unorganic-

made-not-from-scratch food.

But do to wondrous remedies…

(JK ppl) I really used this I thought less side effects.

Tomorrow I return to wholesome. Homemade. Good. Real. Food.


Come back and see what’s cooking and baking and stirring…

Today I Became a Soccer Mom


My 8 year old had his very first soccer match today, and scored his first goal as well. I sat on the sidelines and screamed, yelled, cheered and did everything except throw chairs and yell obscenities at other parents. It was a momentous occasion.

The most important that I  joined a elite club, the Soccer Mom Club….