Guest Post: Taudry Nichols

I would like to inrtroduce a friend of mine, she has given me a lot of gregarious laughter over the years and I thought I would share her wisom and humor with my readers. I introduce the unmistakable Taudry Nichols!


Good morning bright minds, being a guest writer on this blog I suppose I could fill the pages with anything really, but no lets have a focus shall we.

So three things about me:

1. futbal, not football, futbal. Not a sport its a life.

2. men, rich or poor they all lie. Get a good one and love him like a sailor leaving for port.

3. nothing beats a good wine, gossip and great pair of heels.

4. if your don’t have a secret to keep, your life has not been lived.

5. I write in order to be able to breathe.

6. Me and God have a very tumultuous relationship, passionate and pursued with the greatest of life.

7. If you can’t find yourself in Paris, try finding someone else to help you in Paris.

8. Words are not magic, mystical or perfect they are the only divine remnant on earth.

9. fall is the heart of me and the time when my mind speaks.

10. knowledge in any category is worth more than money in any form.


So this is me in ten little sentences. The test of any good author is to test the will of the reader, to bring up feelings that they did not know they had and make the reader want to put the words down and act. If you sit in a chair taking in the words yet do nothing with them, they die; not only do they die the author’s purpose for them dies. You may be asking why this matters, why should you care about words or ideas. Don’t.  Don’t care, act. Be something more and do something more with life than being passive. Explore, see, do, embrace, live, love, fail, fall. I wake up each day and even when I am pissed at the world in all its crap, I still believe there is crap to be had. So, go on, go… then come back and share what good, bad, and ugly things you got to see.